Industrial & Hardtechno

He is known for his driving industrial fast sound. With his melodic vein he sweeps the measures along.

Music has always been a theme in his life, he used to play drums and slowly started to get his bearings. Electronic music he found compelling before and now wanted to approach himself. 

It took a bit until he found his direction for which he lives and which accompany him since then.
It has to be driving, dirty, fast and a bit melodic. 


 Industrial & Hardtechno


5EWL is shortened for SPAETENTWICKLER which describes a person who envolves slower than maybe the average. 

Despite this it stands for a continuously further development in any area, provided you keep an eye on your goal.
In his interpretation of Techno, 5EWL plays hard industrial sounds with rolling melancholic rhythms.

 Therewith he’s aiming to create high energy levels where you can let go, feeling the spirit that we are made of.


 Industrial & Hardtechno

My name is Marco, maybe you already know me by my alias „salomo proud“.
This name has a special meaning to me. Because it means the name „Gottfried“in another language. „Gottfried“ was the name of my godfather and he sadly already passed away. I‘m very proud that I’m allowed to bear his name as my middle name and I also wanted to involve the name into my passion. 

I make music since 2019.
But I’m not started with techno. In the beginning I had my own events in the hardstyle/hardcore scene. Until I met my old friend Marco „FOCUS“ from school.
We decided to do something of our own and founded „Timeline“!


Industrial & Hardtechno

 The new pseudonym "UNTERSTROM" was founded in 2021 and specializes in a harder, hypnotic vibe. 

He started playing in clubs 2018 and also producing his own tracks. 
His sound is influenced by early 2000 Hardtechno and fast pounding melodic tracks and be classified as industrial-techno. In between Trance, Industrial, Rave and Hard-Dance he develops himself.

Under the influence of Hardstyle and industrial hardcore, a new scene was developing.

Characterized by fast tempos and hard kick drums, but harsh-sounding and often a bit slower than hardcore.